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R Imperial
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Re: Visiting Hawaii end of April - Makaha

Pearl City Aikido Club

Mr. Stuempel,

My name is Rico Imperial and I am a member of the Pearl

City Aikido Club. If you are interested, please visit us. Moriyama

Sensei always welcomes people from Japan (he's gotten tired of my

awful Kansai-ben). Our dojo's schedule has changed since we

were included in the Aikido Hawaii website. We now have a

children's/beginner class at 5:30 and an adult class at 6:30. Your'e

welcome to attend either one. Our dojo's style is a little different

from the others in the state. We have been heavily influenced by

the Iwama dojo as Mr. Moriyama was associated with Morihiro

Saito Sensei for a long time. Hope to see you come by.

Rico Imperial
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