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Re: Poll: How long do you think a shodan exam in aikido should take?

Dominic Toupin wrote:

My first exam that I've done for a shodan in karate lasted 3 hours and the second for a shodan in jiu-jitsu last almost a full day 8 am to 4 pm...
Good God... That seems almost excessive really.

PhD qualifiers don't last that long. Nor do the defenses. There's lots of ways to test knowledge. You can either tae someone through the entire curriculum to mkae sure they know it, or you can make it short but leave it completely open-ended. As in, you're up htere for 15 minutes and anything your sensei thinks you should know is fair game. And maybe even things you don't know and never learned (if examining committees at universities can do it so can aikido senseis :P).

My shodan test was about half an hour. My nidan test was somewhere in the 15-20 minute range. I took each test under a different instructor, and with the nidan test I was warned ahead of time to expect the unexpected. There was a requirement list, but that didn't mean anything.

It was like taking quals all over again, but four times shorter. And the stakes were a wee bit lower (no one gets thrown out of the dojo for failing a yudansha exam).
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