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Re: Article: Hanging Up My Dogi by "The Mirror"

Dear Janet,

When I heard that you were, as you put it, hanging up your dogi for good and deciding to stop training in aikido, my thoughts were bittersweet.

I felt sad you were leaving aikido. But at the same time, I felt warmth for my getting to know you both on and off the mat over the years. Now, I feel grateful for the energy that you've put into helping with "The Mirror" as well as in various works of aikido-related art and research that you have created, not to mention your thoughts, introspection, questions, experiences, and wisdom on aikido that you have shared in various places. And, I feel happy that I have a friend who is moving on in her life according to her needs.

Janet, thank you for everything that you have done for aikido. I'm looking forward to the next time I can get together with you, one of these days...


-- Jun

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