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We by the way introduce free form very early through the method of full resistance randori. A well trained Shodokan person is very adaptable.
I know we are deviating from the post with this question I'm about to ask, but I can't help it. Its now become a shodokan inspired post!

About the randori, in Aikikai, or at least where I'm training, we don't do it very often. Actually its meant for black belts and above. In my previous dojo, 3rd kyu and above are already participating in controlled randoris.

With my significant lack of practice in randori, I totally suck at it. This is despite my extensive practice on the individual wazas.

So, do you get better at randori, because you practice randori. Or is it because you've got all the techniques down to pat and it comes naturally when you practice randori. And the bonus question, does good randori make your techniques more effective in individual waza training as well as in self defence situations.

Again apoligies for ursurping this post!

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