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Re: Instructor got mad because I didnt fall

Amir Krause wrote:
Without being there, it is impossible to know. Looking at the sub-text of your message, I have a feeling I could identify with the sensei first mentioned. You seem to brag of your ability to nullify a technique. Hence, you let your own ego sneak in, instead of being an honest Uke.

Before you feel so well with yourself, I would like to ask you a few leading questions:

1. Did you know in advance the technique to be executed?
If you did, it is very likely you changed your attack to ease your movement afterwards, and moving with the technique becomes much easier.

2. What is this Nidan concept of your Ukemi capabilities?
More then once I gave up on doing a technique on someone because I was not certain he could take it. At least not at the speed his attack required of me. This is twice as true when I realize they alter the attack in a way that forestalls the planned technique but opens them wide for another. Obviously, if I believe in the others Ukemi, I will let loose and do my best.

4. Did you execute the Attack correctly?
A common problem with beginners is their lack of confidence in their attack. In order of being certain they will not have an accident, they do not really attack- either they attack a slightly different target (ahead of me, to my side, etc.) or they stop their attack just before it should hit. This is even more often when attacking with weapons. These changes may seem minor to you, but stopping the attack before it should hit significantly changes the body dynamics and timing for Aikido techniques. An advance student is likely to realize what is going on, and given the type of training you wrote about (multiple attackers line), simply let you be without caring (I know I have done this more then once).

4. How realistic was the scenario ?
One should remember that when someone is attacking you in a realistic manner with a weapon, even at 2/3 speed, variable timing and mae prior to a free attack, success rates of 50% are very nice. The sharp blade weapons (Tanto/knife, Sword/Ken, short sword/ Wakizashi/Kodachi) are more difficult then the blunt ones (Jo, Rokshaku). And, unless Uke is very skilled, it is often easier to ace longer weapons then shorter ones, because when using a longer

Well, first of all, I don't think so 'well' of myself as you put it, and I am in no way an egotist. I am there to learn aikido, that is all. I was not 'trying' to do anything and no he didnt know the technique he was about to use, nor did I. I consider my Ukemi skills to be above par as I can take hard breakfalls and roll out of techniques.

I don't believe myself to be anything other than a good uke at times and a bad at others. I didnt want to just 'fall' and make him believe it was easy. If he is a Dan rank he should have had me no problem. I moved with his attempts to fell me, and he couldnt get me, that is all.

So he felled me with an Iriminage, which did work. I dunno, I've seen other ukes do the same and he had trouble with some of the others too, but not many. I dunno.
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