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Re: Your opinion wanted for an Aikido paper

These opinions of mine may be misguided, but I will through them to the open.

Insofar as I am concerned a key to Aikido is fluidity. Movement not for movements sake but for the "blending" (ai), that is part of our philosophy. This stems from a personal preference of being suave, smooth, as opposed to strong.

I view placing too much emphasis on strength as a weakness. Not because I feel being strong is a bad idea, but for another reason. If a person focuses on strength, then it is highly likely that some essance of technique will be overlooked and lost. And I doubt that anyone around is the biggest, stronggest person they know, and duely would hit a rather hard wall if strength were stopped by more. Now a focus on strength not to the detriment of technique would not be a bad idea. Just don't dwell on it.

I like the idea of fluid motion, because it can triumph over larger, stronger problems. Once the balance is disturbed, then it takes very little strength to finish dealing.

By my stand here, a focus on technique is in fact where I am going. Being one of the smaller, less physically apt people, I have to rely upon the older adage that "technique beats strength."
This ideology alows for an easy expantion from the realms of the mats and bouts to most of life. A short digression. In the situation of a fight, if one opponent simply moves and flows in such a way as to avoid the agression, then the agressor will eventually tire, and lose. (I believe that smacks of story about O'Sensei) Well the same theme applies to the other problems in life. By flowing around them then they become less energetic, or hostile as you begin to better understand them, and then they become much the easier with which to deal. In short by avoiding the direct agression, and flowing in from elsewhere, the problem can be simplified.

There is very little that I feel would not contribute to Aikido, in proper usage. I mean, even my little tirade against strength was only effective when the focus is drawn out of proportion. (I think it has to do with deep seeded problems in me, as to why I dislike strongmen, maybe its because I am not.)

My views here on Aikido are with it simply as a art, as a budo, and with being "good at it" as the skill of effectiveness of knowledge. Inevitably, if the factor of exchanging and developing Aikido is the center for views, then absolutely
Lynn Seiser wrote:
Without the right attitude, nothing is obtainable.
However, my viewa are that of a budo, a martial way. And, thus, I feel that the ability to adapt, and change to the events of a conflict; to avoid the brunt of agression; to flow, unbalence problems, and avoid conflict; and the named "ai" principle of blending, are all the sub elements of the fluidity I desire in my Aikido.

The thoughts of a lowly aikidoka,
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