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Re: weapon training for lower ranks

Jamie Julien wrote:
Thanks Karen! Just one more idiot question! Does it matter which weapon you start with, or does it again depend on the dojo, and does the USAF have a set criteria which you do first. 1 more if I may. What is the most fun, hardest? Just for a heads up!
Thanks again. I am going back for my first class tonight in 3 years. Regular class that is! Hope I dont trip over my hands! Thanks again.

Again it will probably be up to your particular dojo. When we are training Sensei will say "Get your bokken", "Get your jo", etc and that is what you are working then.

Different people find certain things easier, harder, etc so that will probably be up to you. I had done some katana work before when I was taking TKD so the basic bokken concepts weren't too hard for me but I know other people who have struggled with them. Of the two weapons though I do find jo work to be more just fun to practice though.

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