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Brian Vickery
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Re: Instructor got mad because I didnt fall

Dirk Hanss wrote:
But why did this sandan accepted the orange belt as partner?
...working with newbies is the ultimate test in your skill level! If you don't do the technique properly, they just stand there! They don't know that they're supposed to fall! But at the same time, you must temper the technique so as not to harm them, but still execute the technique! It's the best way to continue to hone your skills!

...the other side of the coin is taking ukemi for a newby!!! ..and that's the really scary side! never know what they're going to do since they're not sure what they're doing keeps your ukemi skills fine tuned! with mudansha keeps you honest!

Brian Vickery

"The highest level of technique to achieve is that of having NO technique!"
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