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Yes and no. If I'm trying to apply myself fully to the training, I don't necessarily want to spend the energy evaluating my partner's comments. My partner is generally welcome to comment afterward, but while we are training, I would rather train, and concentrate on that.

Who allocates your energy? You or someone else?

Make no mistake; I sometimes want verbal feedback. I certainly have benefitted from it. And I know how to ask for it when I want it.

Do you know how to ignore it when you do not want it?

Since I can ask for verbal feedback if I want it, by *not* commenting, my partner frees me to work on the non-verbal level.

You are free regardless. Sorry, but the prison is your mind, pal.

When I practice with others who are in this same trap, I usually keep my mouth shut. Do not mistake this for the proper training method. This is giving a handicap to a beginner.
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