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Re: off topic: practise styles

David Skaggs wrote:
Should the orange belt uke not tell the black belt nage( either verbally or physically) that his technique is wrong?
He should not try to tell him, that his technique is wrong, in our dojo. We have a strict sempai kohai hierarchie. Just imagine a dojo, where orange belts tell sandan "You have to put your foot here ", or "You have to put the pin this way", while they just did not realse that advanced students are told to train at their level and mostly have to or at least are allowed to practise variations.

He should just move as he feels and as he has learnt. it is the sandan's task to understand that he has a problem with the technique and probably not with this uke. And if uke makes a mistake, the sandan has to tell him (verbally or preferred technically), what uke did wrong.

All the best Dirk
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