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Re: Instructor got mad because I didnt fall

Hanna Björk wrote:
This is a very common and often recommended way of dealing with an uke who makes it difficult to perform a certain technique. Most commonly are people who resist kokyonage and just will not be led forward - they can easily be led backwards instead. If you are making another technique easy to perform, you are not resisting in a good way. This is something that takes quite a while to learn, though. Resisting in good ways is difficult.
To get the most out of training, it might be worth it to look into not taking the "easy" way out and changing the vector to effect the technique. Rather if its difficult to perform the technique because they're clamping down, try and feel why its hard to effect the technique in that direction. There's a common principal of power generation that allows you to effect a technique regardless of what direction the vector of force is coming in
If you want to effectively make that "principal" your own, then I think that entails that you practice in the direction that makes it the "least" easy to effect the technique

And if one of your partner whines and moans about it, well his loss really
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