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Re: Instructor got mad because I didn't fall

David Skaggs wrote:
This is totally true all the time no matter how long you have practiced Aikido.
If you were not told by your sensei to instruct or not ask by your nage or uke for help, then your job as nage is to practice your technique and as uke is to practice your fall or roll. Your sensei is responsible for determination if a technique is right or not and is the one to correct mistakes.
I would have to disagree with you on this David. At some point during your training, you need to learn to adapt to an uncooperative uke. The first technique you try in a real situation may not work and you have to develop the creativity to blend into something else. When 2 higher ranking students practice together, they need to be looking for holes in the technique and ways to get out of it. They shouldn't be a total jerk about it, but rather test the boundries. This helps nage refine their technique and to learn how to change the technique when certain breakdowns occur.

Nathan Snow
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