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Re: Instructor got mad because I didnt fall

Andy Orwig wrote:
I relaxed (more than usual) and that made me feel stronger and actually a bit 'immovable'. I told him during the technique that 'he didnt' have me', just to be helpful, and I heard an earfull the next time I got to class from Sensei (head instructor).
Hi Andy, here is a hint about what could be your fault. If you relexed, you probably did not attack, but waited relaxed for nage's action. If you did not attack, nage could not respond to an attack, but had to attack by himself. Unbalance you by redirecting your power is much easier than unbalancing you from a stable stance using nage's own power. I thought a nidan should be able to handle that, but at least he should be able to tell you, what was wrong.

All the best

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