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Re: Traditional Aikido vs Nihon Goshin

Ted Ehara wrote:
Hombu Even though this may run counter to people's concept of the name, they have every legal right to make this word change. Aikido is a name that is in the public domain and anyone can use it..
Legally I can change my name to Grandmaster Soke 13th Dan.. legally doesn't mean jack.

Aikido has meaning - it is a description of what we do and practice however varied should be geared towards meeting this description.

If practice isn't geared towards meeting this description it is something else, maybe good, maybe bad...but something else.

If Aikido is just a label then why not pingpongpo ...another totally meaningless label...but probably not used elsewhere so nice and easy to register as a trademark.

Ted Ehara wrote:
For those who insist there is a specific "aiki" way to do technique, I'd like to remind them there is aiki-ken. If you can take an aiki approach to sword, then you should be able to take an aiki approach to anything. So that test really doesn't hold up to scrutiny.
This quote doesn't hold up to scrutiny. Yes you should be able to take an aiki approach to anything....and then use it as part of your development approach to achieving aikido.

If your using an aiki approach then its aiki. No problemo..

But whats your point Ted?

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