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Re: Instructor got mad because I didnt fall

Andy Orwig wrote:
I didnt work, so I was honest and didnt fall. He tried again, and everything he tried simply was not making me fall. So finally he took me down with an Iriminage.
This is a very common and often recommended way of dealing with an uke who makes it difficult to perform a certain technique. Most commonly are people who resist kokyonage and just will not be led forward - they can easily be led backwards instead. If you are making another technique easy to perform, you are not resisting in a good way. This is something that takes quite a while to learn, though. Resisting in good ways is difficult.

Andy Orwig wrote:
The next day, I walked into the dojo early and Our head Sensei approached me and told me that 'my control' was not there and that the senior student was upset with me.
Hopefully, in a couple of years your senior student will be able to do the same thing without being upset with you since you probably acted in good faith - or simply ask you too loosen up a bit, since he is searching for the way to do it.
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