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Re: Instructor got mad because I didnt fall

The next day, I walked into the dojo early and Our head Sensei approached me and told me that 'my control' was not there and that the senior student was upset with me.
I'm not saying that this is the best approach, but any time someone is upset with me I appologize for the misunderstanding and try to work on figuring it out with the person directly. If what you described was all that was said (ie-"control" issues), I'd ask for more details. Sometimes, though, the answer isn't always readily apparent and you just have to keep on keepin' on and eventually, with diligence, it will likely work itself out. Still, regardless of the technique itself, I think it's important to foster a working relationship with the people we train makes training more fun and productive.

I have not approached the student nor tried to explain away what I beleived was simply being a good uke against a non-working technique. I think he'd appreciate my honesty and it would only make him better in the long run.
The only thing i can say to this is remember that you both likely feel you were being as honest as possible in that sitution. In that vein, you probably both feel equally that the other should appreciate the honest intention of making one another better in the long run.

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