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Re: So I kotegaishi'd my girlfriend...

Gustaf Rydevik wrote:
Similar things have happened to me more than once.
You're playing around with someone, wrestling or so, and thern comes a wonderful opening fora nice technique and *whoops*. "It's not supposed to hurt that much.."

The most common problem for me is ikkyo. If I wan't to put someone down nice and gentle, a basic ikkyo seems like a safe choice.
But ikkyo hurts *a lot* to someone who's not used to it!

So now I'm just trying to tie my hands behind my back and not do anything...
I see that we can relate to each other very well. I mean, how else could an aikido student react to a loved one who keeps trying to scratch them (and not just kitty scratches, I mean real scratches that bleed)

Due to circumstances, I get very little dojo time this semester -- 80 mins a week. So I'm itching for practice outside the dojo and well... stuff happens.

I'm still considering Mr. Villareal advice to compensate with a sankyo cos it makes sense :P
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