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Re: So I kotegaishi'd my girlfriend...

Saw Y. C. Naw wrote:
Last class, sensei went over the kotegaishi in some detail. This afternoon, my girlfriend and I were playing around and I did a kotegaishi on her. She tried to resist it and ended up hurting herself. She sat there with a displeased look, flexing and touching her wrist the way, like a kid who fell off her bike. I tried to apologize, but she stomped out of my apartment and went home. We were supposed to have spent another six hours together.

Has anyone been in a similar situation? I don't want to have to explain to sensei that I broke up with my girlfriend because I did a kotegaishi on her...

Any advice is welcome...
Hmm, if you were doing Karate or boxing would you have punched her in the face?



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