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Question Re: Traditional Aikido vs Nihon Goshin

I have had experience with NGA (and I am not trying to take sides - for me this is a fact finding mission to help in my own diagnosis of the history of NGA/Kotaro) and I noticed the comments about Yanagi Ryu and Yoshida-Ha and had a question. So many people question the legitimacy of NGA due to the limited confirmation of Shodo Morita's education by Yoshida Kotaro, but in reading some information regarding Yoshida Kenji, there was a rift between father and son. How long and to what extent did Kotaro pass on the art/arts he had learned? It seemed that their relationship was adversarial (mostly politically driven from what I have read) and father may not have spent the time teaching, especially since he was traveling and teaching as often as he was. Could the differences between Kotaro's style and Kenji's, as was stated in this thread, be due to the limited time Kenji had with his father? And therefore the diferences between Yanagi Ryu and NGA?

Here is the question, how long did Kenji study with Kotaro, and what was transmitted from father to son? I feel we must be fair to NGA's lineage in this light. If there is information to confirm the full transmission of style from father to son , I would be grateful to be exposed to it.

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