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Question Aikido and Aikijujutsu

Just to clear up some points :
Ted Ehara said :
"Sokaku Takeda taught Morihei Ueshiba Daito Ryu Aiki-jitsu. It was Ueshiba's personal expression of the art which became Aikido. Both men agreed that Ueshiba's art was so different from Daito Ryu, it should be given a new name."

KAMI : Morihei O didn't learn all of Aikijujutsu. Ueshiba learned a bit more than the Shoden and his certificate from Takeda Dai Sensei was just the one known as KYOJU DAIIRI (Assistant Teacher, in the absence of the Master). There was no agreement between the men (Takeda and Ueshiba). They break apart querulously, after some time, and not having the Menkyo Kaiden(License of Complete Knowledge), Ueshiba couldn't teach Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu,his former master being alive.
So Ueshiba changed the name of what he was doing (Aikibujutsu, Aioi Ryu, Kobubudo, Aikibudo), not because it was so much different from what he learned but because he couldn't teach it.
Neither Takeda, nor Ueshiba, INTENDED for Ueshiba's art to have a new name. AIKIDO was imposed by the Dai Nippon Butokukai and accepted by Ueshiba's representative there, MINORU HIRAI Sensei. From then on, the former Aikibudo of Ueshiba changed its name to Aikido and included also the kyu/dan ranking sponsored by the Butokukai.

Edward :
"This school has several thousands of techniques grouped into 5 categories (if my memory is correct). Since it is almost impossible for a normal human being to master all these techniques, Osensei selected only one group of techniques as the foundation of his Aikido. As a matter of fact, demonstrations by Daito-Ryu masters specialised in this group of techniques looks almost exactly like Aikido. Moreover, they too do not believe in competition. Unfortunately, it seems that the only authentic schools of this art are in Japan."

KAMI : Aikijujutsu's techniques are far, far, lesser than those thousand of techniques (Ueshiba also pretended that Aikido had thousands of techniques). All in all, Aikijujutsu has much fewer techniques than that. The problem is that oriental people always pretend that their fighting arts have "thousands of techniques". The same technique made from the right side and the left side are not considered ONE technique but TWO. And so on...This way, fighting arts that have just a few dozen techniques are said to have really "thousands of techniques"...
Also, we have many "authentic" (whatever that means) schools of Aikijujutsu in the West (Roppokai schools in Denmark, Italy and the USA and Mainline and Takumakai in the United States, for instance).
But I agree that, due to secrecy, DRAJJ schools only demonstrate publicly Shoden techniques, the same practiced by Aikido.

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