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Re: Instructor got mad because I didn't fall

Roosvelt Freeman wrote:
The black belt should be able to handle the situation correctly, either verbally instruct the uke to coopertate, or physically make him , regardless the original poster, a brown belt, behaviour.
Based on the information provided, we have no evidence as to what the black belt student did. He very likely did all of these things. I think the questions give those of us who have been asked for our thoughts a better picture of what happened in this situation, without accusing anyone of anything.

The "black belt" should mean something. If a black belt Aidikoka can't cope with a uke in a nonconfrotational situation, I wonder what his "aikido" good for.
I didn't hear anything about the class that implied the yudansha couldn't cope with the situation. We're not even sure what he actually said to the head sensei. Perhaps he asked sensei for guidance in the situation and the sensei decided of his own accord to step in.

The whole decision of who was to blame is pointless, in my opinion, because we haven't heard the whole story. I've worked with enough students to know that there's some important information we're missing.

I AM NOT accusing actoman of purposely leaving out details, but it would help if he clarified some things.

I would still be interested in knowing what the Sensei felt that actoman should have done. We were never told.

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