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Re: Deepening Our Training

Good points Micheal. I didn't quite mean that "self destructive" in a complete sense. I was leaning more towards it being easier for them to come to a point where there is a "Identity crisis" , simply because their routine and personal impression of themselves doesn't equate. Perhaps "self-destruction was to severe a word. Like I was late. Also if we are Solly training for ourselves, then I just don't see a point. I think we are training for the good of everyone (personal view and philosophy though). And I never stated that we should commit mass suicide, because we don't matter. I was referring to practice of an activity. NOT life in general. And remember, I didn't say how much time you train makes you "hobbyists, etc." I said that the ones who use the excuse of "I don't want too, just because...", There are however good reasons, all your fall into good reasons, and I can't call you a hobbyists if you feel you are committed. I would say you are more committed then the other student, providing he doesn't have good reasons for not training. Time on the mat isn't the formula, being there when at all possible is. Thanks, Maybe that clears it up a bit. I'll probably revise that sometime . I will be joining a Dojo 6 hours from my house, I can only afford so many classes a year. Does this mean I will not be commited?, Absolutely not, I will train hard in between those visits.

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