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Michael O'Brien
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Re: Deepening Our Training


I enjoyed your post and can see where a lot of thought went into forming your ideas. On a conceptual level I agree with you and in the context of this forum, where most everyone is indeed striving to improve their training and grow in all aspects of their lives I can see it is as being insightful.

However, I think it is far fetched to state that a hobbyist who views themselves as committed is "self-destructive" or will lead to self-destruction. Then you said training for the self is irrational and our life in this world is a blink of the eye in all of time. While it may be true that my 80-100 years on this world is short compared to the last 2000 years or the next 2000 years that doesn't mean I want to cut my life any shorter than it will already be; If that is the mindset then we may as well all commit mass suicide Monday at noon. If my personal training can increase that lifespan by 1 day due to improved health or my ability to defend myself then that training is worth it for that reason alone. Don't misunderstand that to mean I am afraid of death though. I served in the military for 9 years and have no fear of dying if need be to defend my country, my family or my friends. That is a sacrifice I have come to grips with and am fully willing to make if it ever comes to that. Should that day never come though then my goal is to enjoy as much time on this earth as I possible can.

Regarding again, training as a hobbyist vs. someone who is committed to training and who gets more out of it. At that point I am training 2 days a week. I work nights and by the time I leave work, get home, and get in bed I get to sleep about 1:00 AM. I get up 4 hours later at 5:30 AM to be at the dojo for a 6:30 AM class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings (the only 2 day classes offered by my dojo). So I am training all I can until my work situation changes. However, we have another student, a college student, who trains 3 days a week when he could be at 4-5 classes a week. Who is more committed? Him, merely because he attends more classes as he chooses or me doing all I can?

I hope at least part of this makes sense. I've had numerous interruptions and distractions so my train of thought may have de-railed somewhere along the way.

Harmony does not mean that there are no conflicts,
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