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Re: Too dangerous for children?

Lucy Smith wrote:
Personally, what I have seen is that children are specially elastic and can to anything. Some time ago I saw in the news a baby who had fall of a 3rd floor window, and nothing exept some bruises had happened to him. Pure luck, you may say, but I don't think an adult would have survived; at least they'd have broken all of their bones.
The only danger I can think of, is the children being careless and violent, maybe without even noticing it. Specially very young ones, do not have a sense of group of respect for others yet.
But this is only my point of view of course.
No perhaps luck to it; The child was very lucky. If she had landed on her head it would have split open just like anyone else I'm sure.

I read not too long ago about someone who had their parachute not open while skydiving and basically "walked away" from a 10,000 foot fall with no injuries. Occasionally someone adult or child gets lucky in a situation like that, but it is far from normal.

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