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Re: Poll: How important is physical resistance in your aikido training?


I get it. I think some of the more far out examples of principles become people's 'darling' techniques for one reason or other. However, there is a tiny old man locally, who has made me spin up on my heel and flop over on my back without ever touching me - and left me laughing hysterically. He is unusually skilled, and capable of punching and withdrawing within the blink of my eye, so I know he's not a 'feather in the breeze'.

The first time I saw multiple opponent practice (1985) I said "Bulls__t!" Looked foolish to me. I was offered a go at it, and took the foolishness upon myself!

One or two of the guys at my school like to stop technique. That's the kind of resistance people complain about. Sometimes I change techniques. Sometimes I stand and smile. Occasionally I tussle with them, and they think it's funny. It's all training. I only tried to break one of their noses once, sorry!

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