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Aiki-Jutsu is a vague word nowadays with multitudes of dojos teaching different things. I have the impression though that most of the styles in the USA are quite violent. However, the real Daito-Ryu training is not violent. I have seen demonstrations and they are very beautiful. This school has several thousands of techniques grouped into 5 categories (if my memory is correct). Since it is almost impossible for a normal human being to master all these techniques, Osensei selected only one group of techniques as the foundation of his Aikido. As a matter of fact, demonstrations by Daito-Ryu masters specialised in this group of techniques looks almost exactly like Aikido. Moreover, they too do not believe in competition. Unfortunately, it seems that the only authentic schools of this art are in Japan.
Please forgive any inaccuracies since all this information is from memory. I'm too lazy to look up the websites again :-)
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