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Re: Instructor got mad because I didnt fall

The majority of the posts in this thread comment on how the senior student should have behaved, but I'm curious about something that I didn't notice anyone else asking: What was your _sensei's_ take on the matter? Did he reprimand you? Question you about the incident? Encourage you to discuss things with the senior student? Offer guidance on what he expects from you in the future?

More than the senior student's behavior, which I have seen from students and senseis all over, I wonder about how the head of the dojo views the situation.

I am also curious as to your attitude while the senior was trying to make the throw work. Was your choice of reaction one which came across as competitive? As curious? As confused? As helpful? If you were conscious that the senior student was becoming frustrated, did you change how you were reacting?

In my observations, the _way_ in which uke resists makes a big difference to nage's ability to use the resistance as helpful feedback.

It is my personal view (and I KNOW they'll be many that disagree with me) that uke's job is not to resist OR to be compliant; uke's job is to make nage do the best that they can.

Just my 2 (maybe 4),


Andy Orwig wrote:

I was training in the dojo the other day and we working on jo-waza.I am currenly Orange Belt level. When I attacked a senior black belt , I grabbed the jo, he attempted to perform a technique, the one that resembles Shihonage.

I didnt work, so I was honest and didnt fall. He tried again, and everything he tried simply was not making me fall. So finally he took me down with an Iriminage.

The next day, I walked into the dojo early and Our head Sensei approached me and told me that 'my control' was not there and that the senior student was upset with me.

I have not approached the student nor tried to explain away what I beleived was simply being a good uke against a non-working technique. I think he'd appreciate my honesty and it would only make him better in the long run.


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