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Instructor got mad because I didnt fall


I was training in the dojo the other day and we working on jo-waza.I am currenly Orange Belt level. When I attacked a senior black belt , I grabbed the jo, he attempted to perform a technique, the one that resembles Shihonage.

I didnt work, so I was honest and didnt fall. He tried again, and everything he tried simply was not making me fall. So finally he took me down with an Iriminage.

The next day, I walked into the dojo early and Our head Sensei approached me and told me that 'my control' was not there and that the senior student was upset with me.

I have not approached the student nor tried to explain away what I beleived was simply being a good uke against a non-working technique. I think he'd appreciate my honesty and it would only make him better in the long run.

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