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Re: Deepening Our Training

I just came across this, and it was so apt that I just have to put it in here:

Philip Pawley on said:
... The purpose of paying attention is to allow those things that you believe are **not** right to happen anyway. Those things that you believe **are** right you will automatically allow: you gain nothing by paying attention to those. No, pay attention to the things that are going wrong. Pay attention to them and **allow them to go wrong**. Pay attention to them because, if you didn't, you never would allow them to go wrong. Not allowing, you would never discover that the wrong way actually works better. You would, instead, remain convinced for evermore that they really were wrong. ...
Philip Pawley, btw has a really interesting website
Not meaning to turn this into an AT advertisement but I thought he deserves a bit of promoting for coming up with the above.
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