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Re: Deepening Our Training

David Valadez wrote:
In that regard, I like very much what Derek had to say, and I'm completely engaged by the question Pauliina asked after reading Derek. From this point of view, of gaining distance from our own material existence, of bringing depth to our practice, it would indeed seem the case that real training cannot begin until we reach some sort of internal crisis, one that has us seriously asking of ourselves: What am I doing?

I would suggest then that there are times when it is better to try to ask this question continuously -- until we move beyond the frustration of being unable to answer it, until we move beyond even asking it -- relying on "let it be" not until after this.
Thanks kindly Dave. I agree with Pauliina, that we decided whether it is true commitment after we have solved our "identity crisis". I'm going to think a while on this and see what I come up with though... Good topic Dave.

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