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Mike Collins
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The context supplies the implied meaning.

It can be tiresome to practice Aikido daily, yet training in Aikido can be quite rewarding.

Lately, I've been training in Aikido, but I've been missing the deeper practice.

Sometimes, I gotta shake my head and be at least a little grateful for no more than a high school education. It hurts my head to read so much, and I think that not much has addressed Jim's original question.

For a lot of years, for me, the training was the practice. I kept running into my own junk. I was too tense, mentally; I was afraid to launch myself over my arm; I was not thrilled about being that close to someone without either intending to either hurt them or make love; I had a tough time not knowing what I was doing.

Lately, those obstacles are not such a problem, and I've realized that I'll probably never be in great physical shape again, because of pain in joints, but I can still train, just with less physicality and more awareness. So the training has, for me, become just that, training. I'm in the process of looking for the practice, the deeper thing that keeps you going, when your goals are not clear.

I hope that this answers your question about my personal experience(s) of practice/training. And maybe, if it does, it'll make it easier for others to respond. If I'm way off track, that's cool; it helps me to understand what I'm looking for.
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