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Re: Poll: How important is physical resistance in your aikido training?

I agree with what Chris said about encountering people who are new to Aikido. Techniques are specific situations from which we learn general principles. When you change that specific situation, you change the technique. When I've encountered a person trying to prevent me from doing the technique, I try to simply go with the flow and do an appropriate technique and explain that what happened was a different situation than what we're trying to practice at the moment. This seemed to be a good way of getting a new uke to refine their attacks. I know for some people it's hard to put themselves in a position that by nature is supposed to be compromised. It's a vulnerable state and I think that is part of Aikido training. It can certainly provide a dose of humility from time to time.
I like what has been said about the difference between beginner and advanced training. I think it's helpfull to let a person new to the form have the technique with less resistance so they can learn the form itself. However, over time their fellow training partners should apply more and more resistance and enter through any "holes" which may present themselves. People have often appologized to me when they did this, but I love it because it forces me to refine my movements. Sometimes it's been exactly what I've needed to better understand some technique; if they didn't resist at all, I would probably just continue moving in the same way.
Anyhow, I'm sure I haven't really offerened anything new to the conversation, but thanks for the food for thought.
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