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Re: Deepening Our Training

David Valadez wrote:
Too true again.

Yet even Zen has, "Sit like this, not like that." "Eat this, not that." "Think like this, not like that." "Bow here, not there." Etc. There are ways that these techniques point to the dropping of the I, but it is not always like the beginner thinks when he first hears about dropping the I. Rather, most often, the beginner comes to these techniques and the artificiality of them is as intense as one is resistant to them. In that sense, they feel extremely forced at the beginning, and for a great while after - feeling very very different from "let it be."
*smiles* ... Ok, I'm lost again; Boy I really shouldn't be online tonight I guess.

In your previous post you referred to "naturalness" in training and here you mention artificiality and feeling forced.

Are you talking about with the naturalness being comfortable enough with the technique to "make it your own" so to speak?

Then springboarding off of that with the feeling forced and artificiality of techniques, are you meaning that in the sense of the beginner starting Aikido where every technique feels forced and artificial until you finally start to learn to move from your center and find the proper position to take the balance of uke or something deeper?

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