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Mike Collins
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Re: Am i missing something??

Lotsa words got spoke here. Not many did much though.

I never quit Aikido. I stopped training for a time, a few times, but I never quit Aikido. I thought about it. Then I tried to figure out why I still wanted to continue training. Truth is, I don't think I know why.

I train because I train. Now it's a part of who I perceive myself to be.

I vascillate between being a dilletante, a hobbyist, a serious Aikidoist, and a fool. I suspect everyone else here does too. This thread proves some of that.

Sometimes you make the poop, sometimes ya sling it, sometimes, ya gotta pick it up, throw it away, and start over. People expect an awful lot from themselves, I think.

None of us will leave this life alive, not even the smart ones of us.

But we'll all spend time convincing ourselves otherwise. It's who we are, and it's what we do.

Have Fun!

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