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Lucy Smith
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Re: Poll: How important a goal in your aikido training is the notion of defending yourself while minimiz

Regardless of the attacker's state of mind, I'm a 16 year old girl who's just not going to stop and think "oh, he's not bad, he didn't mean to try and rape me, he's got mental issues". No, I''m gonna beat the crap out of him. Wait, don't think that anyone who just looks at me funny will get that, the thing is, what was he trying to do? If he just wanted my back pack, of course I'll just apply a pin as "politely" as I can and run away. But if it's late at night and he does some really agressive atempt to grab me or something that's not just to get some money, then I won't pitty him at all. When he's at the floor, I'll just keep kicking his face untill I know he's unconcious and then spray his face with my pepper spray and call the police.

I know this may not be the Aikido spirit, but the world is not perfect and some people are just to mean to let them get away with it. We can't just let go those sort of people because the next girl will probably not know Aikido at all...
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