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Re: Am i missing something??

Ron Tisdale wrote:
Paige, he made no reference to you being smart or not.

That is the crux of the problem here...people continually read things that simply aren't on the page.

Cough. Pardon the pun.

But, Ron, part of interpreting literary writing (prose as you like to call his "writing") goes beyond what is written on the page. You can disagree with me, Amelia, and Paige all you want and you can stand behind David all you want, but we will continue to interpret the implied expressions behind his "prose." I already essentially agreed to disagree with David, now, can we?

Now, can we go back to discussing the actual issue here on this thread? (Paige, you too, Jun came in already to ask us to calm things down. It's really rare for Jun to use his moderator powers so it's best to respect his request. I know how hard it can be to run a board like this. And, mine, well, is small time compared to this. Please come by and visit us.)

Anne Marie Giri
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