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Re: Rokkyo

Tim Haffner wrote:
This is how both rokkyo and nanakyo are executed in our dojo.

We also have something that Sensei has never given a name that is a hiji-nage similar to an inverted rokkyo. That is, uke's elbow is facing down and is locked upwards across nage's bicep. Uke's balance is broken upwards and away vice down and in as in rokkyo.

As in nanakyo, we normally get into this technique from similar beginnings to shihonage omote, but instead of raising and extending, nage grasps uke's hand in front of his center and locks the elbow over nage's bicep/inside of his elbow. Uke's center is taken with a turn and lift of nage's hips. Nage then enters into the elbow forcing uke to take a fall in the opposite direction.

I'm not a big fan of the technique. It's tough on my tender elbows.

FWIW, Greg J.

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