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Re: Deepening Our Training

Clark Bateman wrote:
I think one must LET Aikido happen, as opposed to MAKING it happen.
I hate it when other people state my best stuff before I do. Yes, IMHO, going deeper is a "let" not a "make". This attitude alone will deepen your training and your relationships with people in general.

In one way, its a simple change of mental frame of reference. On another level, its a "letting go" of ego, mind, goals, desires, etc.

IMHO, Aikido is only a set of tools that allow us to further refine not just our technique but who we are. Like a polishing cloth, with use the gen gets more and more refined until it dissolves or disappears. But, you have to "let" yourself keep polishing and "let" yourself refine and disappear.

Its an attitude, and then "letting go" of that. There is no goals or desire, there is just the training. And then "let go" of that.

What happens to a thought that doesn't come out our mouth or a feeling we don't act on? Without attachment, they go away. The purpose of the initial connection is to eventually "let go."

The "deeper" is already there.

"Let it be." (Beatles)

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