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Re: Am i missing something??

I really don't want to get back into this argument.

But, i will say this -- (to no one in particular):

I take my aikido training very seriously. However, my life does not revolve around Aikido and it's teachings. I do wish to improve my training, and i do wish to (at some point) go back to class and hopefully one day be able to teach aikido.

Now, based on the statements above ^^ you can label me however you want. I don't care. If a hobbyist can be a serious practitioner then fine, i'm a hobbyist. However, i don't consider myself superficial at all.

Thats my view on Aikido, now there shouldn't be any argument at all about whether or not i am serious, because i just told you that i am. And there also shouldn't be any argument about whether or not i'm a hobbyist because i just told you that you can label me whatever you like based on my views expressed above.

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