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Re: Am i missing something??

What I did concerning the word "hobby" was understand it in its proper English context. Nothing more, nothing less. It's your baggage, not mine, that is getting in the way.
This is what I mean David, you make assumptions about people and jump to conclusions about them as if you don't have your own baggage. I hate to tell you this, but you, too, have baggage. It's your baggage that gets in your own way, not mine. I do not have to accept your attitude.

Rather, you are stuck making characterizations, and insults, and it is most likely because what I say goes 100% contrary to what you need to believe about your own personal training (not what you believe concerning courteous behavior and/or Aikido training in general).
Actually, I'm not making characterizations and insults I was only using your own words as if you and others have forgotton that you had used. If you do not like me quoting your own words perhaps you need to re-examine yourself and stop writing things like that. The one sentence I quoted you had previously mentioned was a "generality" and therefore I used "any" instead of "most." Once again, I am only using your wording. Thus, you yourself, just caught on to the danger of generalization. Although, I'm not surprised that you see it me and not yourself.

On this board and on this thread you have generalized about those who do not meet your standards of serious training. How do you know that I DON'T train seriously. You DON'T. You just jump to the conclusion that because I'm defending another point of view as equally valid that you assume that I am a hobbiest.

If you could be self-honest and hold integrity, you would not have to change my word "most" to your word "any" - nor would you forget that it was Paige that called herself a hobbyist. You'd also be able to see that I said exactly what you said concerning training at "the level of leaves."
If you could be self-honest and hold integrity, you would not put words into peoples mouths, which you have done in this thread and in other threads as well. If you go back and re-read my rephrasing of Ledyard Sensei's tree analogy, you'll see that I said you are making the same point as he but you throw in loads of condescention along with it. The difference is your attitude. If you were as self-honest and hold integrity as you so claim, you would realize this.

Anne Marie Giri
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