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Re: Am i missing something??

Mark Murray wrote:
I'd have to agree with David. A hobby is superficial. BUT, what you are saying isn't the same. You state that a hobbiest is superficial. That isn't what I took David as saying. Those are two very different sentences. Look at them closely. A hobby is superficial and A hobbiest is superficial. In the first, the definition is narrow in scope to the hobby itself. In the second, the definition is wide in scope in that it defines a person's whole activities. David never said a hobbiest was superficial, or at least, I never read that. What I got from it was that if you studied something (here it is Aikido) as a hobby, then you're being superficial in that study. That in no way represents the person as being superficial.

Sorry, Anne Marie, but I never got any of that from David's postings.

Mark - this point is right on as far as I am concerned. I'm only referring to Aikido practice - making no general or overall statements about anyone's person. If I do make reference to a person, it is only as that person is a practitioner of a given practice (i.e. Aikido). For me, that should have gone without saying, but I'm thankful you said it Mark nonetheless. Thanks.

David M. Valadez
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