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Re: Deepening Our Training

Kevin Leavitt wrote:
I kind of think chasing the dream of deeper meaning in our training is kind of like chasing a rainbow, the harder you try, the farther away it gets.
Good point. I think one must LET Aikido happen, as opposed to MAKING it happen. By that, I mean that the growth must come of itself, at its own pace. It's good to dedicate oneself to training and to learning, and to have a goal of becoming better (and a better person) every day, but not to be discouraged if progress is slow. It is natural to reach plateaus, but the goal need not be more than to reach the other side. One cannot force oneself through the training, but simply keep "eyes on the prize" and enjoy the ride. The way is a little different for everyone.

I, too, like to experiment. Not because I have decided to ignore the way others have worked so hard to forge, but because I want the full experience. One can see the things around him, while still maintaining the focus necessary to walk the path. The beauty is in the wholeness.

Just one old duffer's opinion...
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