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Re: Deepening Our Training

Good stuff!

I guess we can get really deep and start debating the concepts of altruism, and if it exist or if people act in their own self interest, even if that self interest is world peace and completely appears to be selfless.

I kind of think chasing the dream of deeper meaning in our training is kind of like chasing a rainbow, the harder you try, the farther away it gets.

When I went through Ranger training I thought that it would be a type of shugyo that would somehow enlighten me. It didn't. That was 10 years ago. I learned a great deal about myself and my potential, but no major ephiphanies! 10 Years later, things unfold daily and I now know that there were lots of things I learned, but did not understand! So it is a journey that continues to unfold.

Faith is another issue. We have faith that somehow we will acheive something greater from our training. Sometimes the biggest lessons we learn are that what we have done was a mistake!

We cannot possess aikido or the skills that we learn from it as our own. We evolve, hopefully in a positive manner through our training.

People study aikido for different reasons. They stay for different reasons. The leave for different reasons. In the end, all we have are the experiences we gain from our practice.

What is great is when we have shared experiences with others and we can connect on some level other than the superficial. Sometimes a lightbulb goes off and we can see a glimmer of hope of what things can be like if we work together!

I think this is what makes people come back to the art...hope.

my thoughts on this for the day.
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