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Re: Am i missing something??

Patrick Crane wrote:
I've picked up my guitar about as many times in '06 as you've been to your dojo. No will always be there and so will aikido..

Patrick Crane wrote:
Find a new dojo....eventually, when you're ready..
Well when i said my dojo's atmosphere could be somewhat annoying, i guess i should have said that differently.

What i meant was, some of the *former* <<(thank God) aikidoka had really gotten under my skin. It had nothing to do with my sensei or the sempai for the most part. I love my sensei dearly and i think he's a great guy, and i would never even consider finding another dojo , even if there was another one around here.

Patrick Crane wrote:
Obviously other interests have taken precedence for a while. Good.
Makes you a well-rounded person.
This is true... i do have other things going in my life at the time. You have a nice way of putting it lol

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