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Patrick Crane
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Re: Am i missing something??

I think i may have been to the dojo once in the year 2006.
I've picked up my guitar about as many times in '06 as you've been to your dojo. No will always be there and so will aikido.

And while sometimes, the atmosphere at my aikido dojo can be somewhat annoying
Find a new dojo....eventually, when you're ready.

I also don't feel guilty like i normally do after taking a while off. I don't know why. Usually i beat myself up over missing practice but not now.
It's called emotional maturity.
Your decisions are your decisions, period.

Guilt???? Yuck...what's that?
Sounds like something they serve with......religion.

Obviously other interests have taken precedence for a while. Good.
Makes you a well-rounded person.
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