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Re: Am i missing something??

Unfortunately, I don't really think I'm mischaraterizing David's postings. He does have some good points, but whenever I read what he posts his message gets lost in his condescending attitude. He really comes across as a "keyboard shihan" on this board. I have a real problem when someone is clearly taking the effort to understand themselves and someone turns around and degrades them. And I can not see how comments like, "Deep down most are festering in insecurity regarding the superficiality they cannot seem to move beyond," can not be seen as derogatory and judgmental.

We have different levels of training in aikido and each kind is equally valid and respectable. In my opinion as long as someone puts in their fullest effort, even if they are hobbiest, then their training is as worthy as those who plan to to make their aikido their life long pursuit. As a tree can not grow with out its leaves and branches, the leaves are as important to the tree as the roots. Just because some leaves fall off does not mean when they were there that they did not perform a worthwhile and meaningful function. When you care for a plant, you care for the ENTIRE plant not just the roots or trunk. My impression from his message combined with his attitude is that he appears to only care about making everyone trunks and roots. There will be no tree with only a trunk and roots -- there will just be a trunk and roots. However, this was not my impression from Ledyard Sensei's postings, just David's.

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