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Re: Keep my new Tozando gi?

Steen Suder wrote:
I was about to ;-)

Anyways... first I did a 40 deg. Celsius wash in the washing machine and hangdried it afterwards. As far as I can tell, it did nothing to the size - still roomy. I attended a single training pass (Easter Camp with Arisue Sensei ;-) in the dogi and it was a tad to large.

Then I did a 60 deg. Celsius wash in the washing machine followed by some 50 minutes in the drier.
I have not done any training in it after this, but it definitely seems like it has an almost perfect fit now.
The size of the sleeves are more in "harmony" now, I think. Perhaps they have shrunk like 1-1½cm in length , but not more.
It has also shrunk a bit in width (waist).
Tozando keikogi are designed to shrink little, if at all, with just washing. Most people in Japan hang-dry their clothes. It's the drier that will shrink them, but this can be minimized (perhaps even controlled) by drying on the coolest setting (tumble dry, permanent press).

Yesterday I just got a new Tozando keikogi top, the AG-250 "Ryo" (cool) summer aikidogi. Listed on the English site as "Seersucker Aikido Gi". It's just really excellent. My old keikogi was a cheap, run-of-the-mill one I got at a local sport shop. Whenever I did suburi the whole thing would ride up when I lifted my arms, even though on the whole it was on the big side for me. This new one, though, has a great fit, and doesn't ride up at all.

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