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David Gardner
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Re: Grading advice

Hey Dan,
I don't have loads of experience at different dojo gradings, but I have had a look in on a few different types in the UK. From your most recent post it sounds like you'll be taking your 5th KYU grade if I've read that right. Most of the dojos around where I practice will ask you to demonstrate basic ukemi, usually forward rolls, maybe just 1 or 2, which don't have to be perfect, just to make sure you are landing without hurting yourself.

Then taisabaki, tenkan etc. those basic things you do at the start of the class which kinda feel a bit embarassing when your doing them in front of 3 guys by yourself. So that bit kinda sucks.

Then the nine basics from ai hanmi, from the sounds of what you said your practising that kinda fits. The old "SKI-KT", Shiho-nage, Kote-gaeshi, Irimi-nage, Kaiten-Nage and Tenchi-Nage. Then Ikkyo, Nikyo, Sankyo and Yonkyo all from right hand to right hand or left hand to left hand. No problemo. I only know one person who ever failed this grading so I'm sure you'll take it no problem if that is what you need to do. Saying that you might have a different syllabus just sort of throwing this one out there.

Just try to make sure you have an Uke you feel comfortable with, preferably someone who isn't really rigid. Anyway you'll probably know all this, glad you enjoyed your last lesson!
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