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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Am i missing something??

I think David's posts have been mis-characterized in this thread, and that what he is saying here is very important. It has been touched on in some other threads by instructors like George Ledyard as well.

Paige is in a difficult position relative to how this thread has developed. She is very young (which is not to say that the commitment David speaks of cannot be developed in one so young). She is understandably somewhat sensitive about so personal an issue (I am too...but experience has taught me when my heart gets plucked by a topic like this, I need to listen).

David is not saying that being a hobbyist is bad...he is saying it is what it is. If we have trouble accepting that...maybe we need to look deeper into ourselves...not take pot shots at David's writing.

My Opinion Anyway,

Ron Tisdale
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