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Re: Poll: How important is physical resistance in your aikido training?

I think it helps to change one's perspective when dealing with lower kyu ranks, especially if you are a higher kyu rank or dan rank -- from one of challenge to one of opportunity. I view most beginners who stiffen up as fear of falling or just simple uncertainty of what is happening to them. The few who give resistance for resistance sake just want to see if aikido works. I don't necessarily see it as direct challenge but rather an opportunity to improve how I respond to their resistance. In dealing with those stiffening up out of fear and uncertainty I've found the key is to find a way to be gentle enough where you won't hurt them but where they feel safe enough to go where you're taking them. Doing this can be really challenging, but usually a newbie uke who tenses up is sending your signals that my technique is too strong for them at the moment.

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